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Countdown to Christmas - #18

Bake This! (300 Moons #5)

Published to Amazon on September 22, 2016

Author Tasha Black

Sexy shifter Will Harkness has always been a lone wolf. When a beautiful witch stumbles into his path, will he be able to resist the holiday magic? From USA Today bestselling author Tasha Black:

Tess Lane has just completed a magical task that consumed her every waking moment for years. Though she longs for a way to use her special skills in the regular world, Tess’s magic comes with a price that makes sharing it with others all but impossible. The unbelievably gorgeous guy she meets when visiting her sister’s new family for the holidays certainly makes her wish otherwise. If only she could stop breaking things long enough to get to know him better. Will Harkness has always been a lone wolf. Surrounded by a large and loving foster family, Will skirts the edges of the madcap career success his siblings have enjoyed, preferring to live a quiet life filled with simple pleasures. But when his brother Derek’s wife brings her voluptuous but accident-prone little sister home for the holidays, Will’s feelings suddenly get complicated. When the two are thrown together with the mission of baking two hundred apple pies during an epic blizzard, Tess can hardly resist the pull of her magic. Will the shadow waiting in the snow snuff them out for good? Or will these two loners learn to open their hearts? Bake This! is a steamy and light-hearted holiday romance novella, set in the world of 300 Moons. It tells a complete story that may be read alone. (But fans of the 300 Moons series will enjoy a chance to catch up with Derek, Johnny, Darcy and their mates!)

Official published review:

Her perfect home

I have always been a fan of the quiet, the odd, the outcast, and the loaner finding their HEAs. This book certainly has all of that and so much more. I love the characters, they are so endearing in their need to help, but not necessarily fit in. And how amazingly perfect were they for each other? The author did not need an excess of danger and action to carry this story with all of the little hiccups along the way. This book is a fantastic addition to the series and a wonderful taste of the holidays. I can’t wait to read more!

5 stars


Tasha Black is a USA Today bestselling author of Paranormal, SciFi & Fantasy romance. She lives in a big old Victorian in a tiny college town. She loves reading anything she can get her hands on, making up stories, and sipping pumpkin spice lattes.

Author’s Website:

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