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Countdown to Christmas - #10

His Big Package (Mistletoe Montana)

Published to Amazon on December 7, 2020

Author Jenika Snow

Blythe I’d felt arousal for the first time in my life when I spotted him across the room. Logan Marsh was a big, burly man, towering over everyone and everything, his size almost inhuman, his masculinity having me keenly aware I was very much female. And he watched me… God, he watched me like there was nothing else in the world that fascinated him but me. We’d been thrown together for the holidays, him playing Santa and me Mrs. Claus. It was a professional relationship that turned out to be anything but. And my inexperience should have had me frightened by the way he looked at me… like he imagined me naked and spread eagle just for him. But instead of running, which would have been the smart move, I found myself wanting all of it. With him. Logan The world tilted under my feet the moment I saw her. This tiny little thing who was half my size but called out to every protective, possessive instinct in my body. She was the woman I'd been waiting for, and there was no deviating from my path to claim her. Blythe was so very female to everything in me that was male, and I wanted to memorize every inch of her body with my hands, lips, and tongue. Whatever primal need rode me, it did it hard and without apology. I’d probably frighten Blythe with my need for her, but better she found out now what kind of man I was when it concerned something I wanted. And I’d never wanted anything as much as her. **A complete standalone story in the Mistletoe, Montana series!**

Official published review:

The perfect gift for Santa

This book will warm you better than a hot cup of cocoa on a cold Christmas day. The author took the time to really give her characters such fantastic personalities, and I love that instant connection that the author does so well. Blythe has this innocence about her that makes Logan her perfect match. Logan is so alpha that he won’t stop until she’s his, and so begins a holiday love story that you won’t want to miss. This was a fantastic read and I am looking forward to reading the next book by this author.

5 stars


Jenika Snow, a USA Today bestselling author, lives in the northeast with her husband and their two daughters. She prefers gloomy days, eats the topping off of her pizza first, and prefers to wear socks year-round. She first became published in 2009. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse. Author’s Website: Author’s Facebook: Author’s Instagram: Author’s Amazon: Author’s Goodreads: Author’s BookBub:

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