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Countdown to Christmas - #1

Jingle Bear

Published to Amazon on December 21, 2021

Author TK Lawyer

Is the woman to jingle Gabe’s interest his best friend?

Of all the people in Gabe’s life, Arabelle meant the most.

Chasing her across the playground, he used to call her Belly, and pull her pigtails.

They became best friends, but that was long ago.

He holds a secret not even she knows.

Sweet, caring, and different, Gabe did things, said things that left Arabelle confused and crossed the unspoken line beyond friendship.

Yet, Arabelle crossed that line, long ago, getting her heart stomped.

She wasn’t going through that again.

Still, there is something about Gabe she cannot resist.

Will his secret undo their special friendship, or will she realize Gabe is that one man worth fighting for?

Official published review:

Right in front of his face

Although I think this story was well written and kept my attention throughout, I was a little disappointed. The characters in this story left me a little wanting. He plays the field instead of telling his best friend his secrets and she is more upset that he kept his secret then that he gave her up for the field. Throw in a crazy ex girlfriend and the race to the HEA is on.

4 stars


Passionate * Playful * Paranormal

International Bestselling Author and Award Winning Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance Author, TK Lawyer has been writing since high school but it was sometime in 2011 when her writing blossomed into a career. Craving excitement and adventure, she jotted down a few notes and never looked back.

She writes what she loves with a realistic twist: fiery paranormal romance with curvy girls and alpha, protective, possessive males. Each unique tale is standalone with a guaranteed HEA. She loves to hear from her fans and invites them to contact her. New readers are encouraged to open one of her books and dive in, enjoying the fantasy worlds she builds solely from her imagination.

Author’s Website:

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