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Sydney’s Stars – Wild Lilies – Angel Nyx

Wild Lilies: Book One of the NOLA Shifters Series

Published to Amazon on October 27, 2017

Author Angel Nyx

Lily Quinn "Pick a mate or I'll do it for you." Unwilling to sacrifice her dreams of loving the man she commits her life to, Lily makes a drastic decision and disappeared into the night. For six years her life was untouched by her old pack, but all of that changed when he walked into Gathering Grounds, the coffee book shop she worked at. Declan Monroe He wasn't looking for a mate. He'd lived a hard life, there was blood on his hands, no woman would be able to handle the darkness that tainted his soul. When his Alpha hires him to track down his missing daughter he thought finding her in New Orleans would be the hard part. He had no idea she would be the woman who could bring him to his knees. **Authors Note: Each book in the NOLA Shifters Series is a stand alone, they are interconnected. Each book ends with an HEA. Also, as the characters are shifters, there may be situations that wouldn't normally arise in a romance novel. The pull of a mate is something that is intrinsically written into their DNA. It is not something that can be fought or controlled. When a shifter meets their mate, the attraction is immediate and intense. As such, they may find themselves doing something that they never expected, even something that goes completely against their own moral code.

Official published review:

Lily in the bayou

So many things happened in this book, and each one added a layer that enhanced the story. I love the characters! The strength of the males was bold and in your face while the strength of the ladies was understated and their equal. I love that we got glimpses into the future of the series, and can’t wait to see how each connection plays out. This was my first experience with this author, but it won’t be the last. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

5 stars


Angel Nyx is an author of paranormal, contemporary, and historical romances. Her passion for literature was instilled in her at a young age when her mother read her fairy tale stories at bedtime. Her vivid imagination helps her get in tune with her characters to bring them to life for her readers. She is also a mom, a reader, an avid gamer chick, and a non-medical in-home caregiver.

She was once told that her 'OCD is queen' because it allows her to find errors in written word others miss. As a result, she has recently branched out to offer her proofreading services to other Indie authors.

When she's not working, writing, reading, or gaming, she is usually relaxing to music, spending time with family, or finding new authors to fall in love with.

She has a long time love affair with the city of New Orleans, which is why so much of her work is set there, and plans to visit the city as often as possible in the coming years.

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