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Sydney’s Stars – The Hunter’s Mage – Bryce Evans

The Hunter’s Mage (The Death Hunters Book 1)

Published to Amazon on November 26, 2018

Author Bryce Evans

Alpha Death Hunter, Lennox Bartley, has kept the shifter world safe from rogues and exposure for years, making an enemy or ten along the way. Though something had always been missing in his life. Then he met Jade Cross. Jade is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, despite her disfigurement. She is a successful and creative entrepreneur but also the most submissive wolf he's ever known. As the alpha, Lennox needs a strong, confident female or the Death Hunters will eat her for lunch. Plus, when his enemies learn he has a mate, her life will be in constant danger. Jade has the choice to follow her heart or her head. One will keep her in her sheltered, safe world while the other will lead to the love of her life and almost certain death if she doesn't find the inner strength to help herself.

Official published review:

I need to find me a hunter

If you are looking for a romantic book about overcoming adversity and finding yourself, this is the book for you! Jade is portrayed as a gentle, shy soul who survived tragedy in her youth. She is loved and protected by her entire pack, but never really able to spread her wings. Lennox is the alpha of the fiercest group of shifters who never thought he would have a mate of his own. Through the help of his beta and the women of Jade’s pack, he slowly brings her out of her shell and helps her to become who she was always meant to be. I love the sheer romance of this story and the love that flows from the pages. I can’t wait to see what happens with the rest of the pack.

5 stars


As a mother, wife, and career law enforcement officer, Bryce Evans deals with a variety of people on a daily basis. With her days packed full of packing lunches, fighting crime, and taxiing kids around, she uses her nights to dream of exotic worlds and intriguing characters and bring them to life. Her characters are strong, and resilient, but harbor enough heart to make you fall in love with them. Much of the time you'll find her chatting books with her friends Facebook. Keep up with her latest news and releases via her free newsletter: Pinterest: Author’s Website:

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