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Sydney’s Stars – The Alpha’s Salvation – Marlowe Roy

The Alpha's Salvation

Published to Amazon on November 30, 2021

Author Marlowe Roy

Kess found a haven in this remote Beta town, but it would only last if she could keep her Omega nature a secret. Abused by Alphas, unwanted by Betas, she scraped out a quiet, lonely life and tried to heal her broken spirit. But one fateful glimpse of a grizzled Alpha ended her fragile ruse forever. Catching an Alpha’s eye was a fate she had feared… Until him. Hunt was tired. A holdover from another time, an Alpha with no family or mate, life had little joy or warmth to offer him. But he was still the most formidable Alpha in these parts, and a sense of duty to his men kept him moving forward. He couldn’t have known a stop-over in a small Beta village would change the course of his fate, and certainly never pictured himself with an Omega of his own… Until her.

Official published review:

An unexpected boon

What an amazing story! I love the characters! They are all struggling to find their piece of heaven in a world full of pain, there are setbacks, there is hope, and there is a HEA that I was so glad I didn’t miss. The author brought action and danger, and so much emotional intensity that I couldn’t stop reading until the end. I would love to see more matches from this post apocalyptic world, and can only hope the author feels like writing them.

5 stars


Marlowe Roy is a Midwestern transplant living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her husband describes her dystopian omegaverse stories as “punchy and unboring.” She writes late at night and on weekends and does not want to go for a hike.

Author’s Website:

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