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Sydney’s Stars – Pledged to the Highborn Warrior – Trinity Blaise

Pledged to the Highborn Warrior: Brothers of the Scarred Planet Book 1

Published to Amazon on March 3, 2022

Author Trinity Blaise

He's come for me. The alien barbarian who wants to claim my heart and my child as his. One minute I'm juggling my teaching job with single mom life. The next, I'm on a ship full of alien warriors, being flown light years away from Earth and everything I know. Now Tharin, heir to the throne and the biggest, most brooding barbarian of them all, is blowing my mind by telling me he's the father of my daughter. But how's that possible when I don't remember the first time he abducted me ten years ago? Tharin doesn't care that I don't remember though. He doesn't care I don't believe he fathered my child either. All he cares about is maintaining his line by having more children with me, no matter the cost. I willingly submitted to him once, he says, so surely I can again. But how can this gorgeous, tortured alien expect me to commit to a future with him when I can't remember what drove us apart in the past?

PLEDGED TO THE HIGHBORN WARRIOR is the first book in a brand new alien romance series from the pen name of a bestselling author. It’s perfect for fans of steamy, intense love stories between dominant aliens and strong-minded heroines.

Official published review:

Seeing through the mist

What an amazing story! The characters are fantastic! Kate is a strong woman who takes nothing at face value, yet she still finds her heart longing for Tharin. And Tharin is this hardened warrior, with a super soft inside, conflicted by what people are saying and what his heart believes. The road to love is rocky for these two, but the author took us on a wild ride full of intrigue and danger, betrayal and love, and a HEA you won’t want to miss. This book is the perfect series starter and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

5 stars


This isn't my first rodeo! I've actually published a bunch of books in other genres, many of which have become Kindle bestsellers (like, #1 of the entire chart kinda bestsellers). But I'm publishing my sci-fi romance series under a pen name because, well, super steamy + my trad publishers = shocked faces.

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