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Sydney’s Stars – Monster Bait – Brynn Paulin

Monster Bait (The Monster Misters Book 3)

Published to Amazon on November 30, 2021

Author Brynn Pualin

I see monsters. I've seen them since I was little, but no one believed me. After being orphaned, I kept quiet about it. Everyone forgot about my abilities. I'm just an ordinary girl next door. Nothing special. Except I can still see the monsters. I thought, maybe in my new town, I could put the past behind me. I should have known better. Turns out, girls like me? We're special after all. We're destined mates to these beings only we can see. When we turn twenty-one, we become monster magnets. We're fair game for the chase. The first male to catch us...he's our mate. When the moon rises on my birthday this year, I'm straight up Monster Bait. But I have a plan. I'm getting away. My strategy works, too. Until he steps out of the shadows. He's a monster unlike any I've ever seen. I'm not even sure what he is. But he knows me and he's waited a long, long time to make me his.

Official published review:

Choose to run

This little shorty is a sweet read that proves fate works in mysterious ways. The characters were fantastic and the author took my breath away when she brought these two together in an almost impossible connection. I love how they both had the same goal and the HEA was amazing. This book is perfect for an hour or two and I can only hope we get a chance to see the bestie find her own slice of heaven.

5 stars


When it comes to books and movies, Brynn Paulin has one rule: there must be a happy ending. After that one requirement, anything else goes. And it just might in any of her books. Brynn lives in Michigan, where she likes to spoil her children and dogs—not necessarily in that order. She also loves to cook, travel and spend far too much time on social media. She enjoys mentoring and meeting new people and is always willing to chat. Personally, she finds great pleasure in spending time with her family and dogs, as well as volunteering around her community. First published in June 2007 by Ellora's Cave, Brynn is the author of over 130 books, including the bestselling Daly Way and Taboo Wishes series. According to Brynn, her writing success can be attributed to an eclectic collection of music, her local road construction crews, a trusty notebook, and of course, the people in her life who’ve finally accepted that everything is research—or will be. Brynn loves to talk to her readers and can be found at

Author’s Website:

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Brynn Paulin
Brynn Paulin
May 04, 2022

Thank you for the review! I'm so glad you liked the book! ~~Brynn

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