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Sydney’s Stars – Hers to Tame – Gwen Knight

Hers To Tame (Dragons of Winterbane, Book 1): Dragon Shifter Romance (Real Men Romance Season Two)

Published to Amazon on September 7, 2021

Author Gwen Knight

He’s a cold-hearted bastard.

The Turner family are a bunch of conniving, two-timing, dragon-shifting traitors. Elise has been taught that from the day she was born. But when locals start turning into ice sculptures, she needs to put aside the age-old dragon rivalry and work with the coldest Turner of all: Killian.

Can her love melt his defenses?

Dragon shifter Killian has one fear: becoming his cruel and capricious father. His only chance to avoid it is to find a mate to keep him warm. But why in the name of all things scaly does it have to be Elise?

Freeze-dried humans. A decades-old blood feud. A fated mate bond that could tie two families together…or lead to all-out war. Dragons Killian and Elise are about to learn that some things are worth risking it all.

Official published review:

Breaking the ice

Move over Romeo and Juliet! There is a new pair of star crossed lovers in town. This pair is fighting more than just family opinion, but they manage to find their HEA even with their snarky animosity, witty repartee, and a looming expiration date. I love how they have both risen above their history to become these two sweet, caring, compassionate people. The storyline had so much going on and each facet of the book just added to the intensity and the enjoyment. I really hope the author brings us more stories about the brothers soon because I am completely vested in the outcome of the curse and the brothers who live it.

5 stars


USA Today Bestselling author, Gwen Knight, started writing at a young age when the monsters became more interesting than scary. From werewolves and vampires to elves and magical realms, she enjoys writing in all genres, so long as a little love can be sprinkled in. Gwen lives in Alberta with her husband, cat, and collie who loves to play in the snow.

A hybrid author, Gwen publishes both traditionally and independently. If books centered on alpha werewolves, vampires, and necromancers (oh, my) bring you hours of pleasure, check out her books page, and sign up for her newsletter to receive exclusive releases, updates, and giveaways.

Author’s Website:

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