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Sydney’s Stars – Beauty and the Beastmaster – Linda Winstead Jones

Beauty and the Beastmaster (Mystic Springs Book 3)

Published to Amazon on July 20, 2020

Author Linda Winstead Jones

For Gabi Lawson, Mystic Springs has been the perfect hiding place for her and her daughter. For the past year she’s kept her head down and made a decent living cutting and styling hair. Even though she’s becoming comfortable in her new home, she’s always behind locked doors when the sun goes down. The last thing she wants or needs is a man in her well-structured life. Silas Hollister is the town critter guy. If your pet is sick or you have bats in your attic, he’s the one to call. Like many in Mystic Springs, his career is shaped by his gift. He communicates with animals in a way others can’t even dream of. When he’s approached about helping along a spell that will isolate the town once and for all, he’s on board. His assignment seems easy enough. All he has to do is make sure Non-Springer Gabi is out of town when the spell goes down. When Silas’s bloodhound Judge connects with Gabi and her daughter in a special way, it’s clear he’s determined to protect them. Is Judge protecting the woman and her baby from some unknown danger, or from Silas himself?

Official published review:

Living again

Silas seemed really disconnected from the world at first but by the end he was happy and healthy, if not more than a little messy. Although I think his life needed to be a little messy. I love the strength that Gabi showed, both by starting over and in finding love. The storyline was engaging and I enjoyed reading every step to the HEA. This book was a wonderful read and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next in this quirky little town.

5 stars


Linda's first book, the historical romance Guardian Angel, was released in 1994, and in the years since she's written in several romance sub-genres under several names. In order of appearance, Linda Winstead; Linda Jones; Linda Winstead Jones; Linda Devlin; and Linda Fallon. She's a six time finalist for the RITA Award and a winner (for Shades of Midnight, writing as Linda Fallon) in the paranormal category. Most recently she's been writing as Linda Jones in a couple of joint projects with Linda Howard, and rereleasing some of her backlist in ebook format.

Linda lives in Huntsville, Alabama. She can be reached at

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