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Book Birthday – Wildest Dreams – Terry Bolryder

Wildest Dreams (Rouge Dream Fae book 3)

Published to Amazon on March 27, 2021

Author Terry Bolryder

Jerrek's not like any man I've ever met. He's the sexiest thing I've ever seen on two legs, with gorgeous red hair, wicked, sinful eyes and a body that could make any woman melt. He's also set on pursuing me as his dream mate, even though I've made it clear I don't intend to settle down. As a divorce lawyer, I've seen how love works out in the end. Even my own mother lost her mind shortly after my dad left. But then Jerrek makes me an offer I can't refuse. If I come to his world with my mother, the healers there might be able to help her. And in the meantime, I can give him a chance to show me his world and win me over. In the dream world, we make love among the stars, and ride across the galaxy. I also meet Jerrek's family, and his fierce warrior queen mom, and I get a chance to see Jerrek showing his strength and protecting his kingdom. But there are rules in the fae world I don't understand. And it turns out highly desired warriors like Jerrek can have a reservation set on them, in case they don't find their dream mate. And Jerrek's clock is ticking, so I have to decide soon if I want to risk everything for this gorgeous, strong man, or lose him to an evil queen bent on his subjugation. Wildest Dreams is book 3 in the Rogue Dream Fae series!

Terry is the author of over forty bestselling shifter romances. She spends her spare time dreaming of dragons, playing with her pets, and watching sunsets from her home in the mountains alongside her husband (who she suspects would make a great bear shifter). She loves the wild outdoors, her fans, all readers, and getting lost in a great book. Sign up for Terry's newsletter here to get notified of new releases and sales! Author’s Website: Author’s Facebook: Author’s Instagram: Author’s Amazon: Author’s Goodreads: Author’s BookBub:

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