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Demands from the Dominant – Skin Walkers – Susan Bliler

Skin Walkers Series

Author Susan Bliler

From book 2:

Cindy Sambrano hates her life. She lives in a crappy little house, drives a crappy little car, and has a crappy younger brother, Cody. After their parents’ death, she feels compelled to take care of him, to try to keep him on the straight and narrow, but--as usual--he’s messed up again. Owing a huge debt some seriously bad dudes, Cindy’s brother needs help getting the cash. His plan? Rob Cindy’s employer, Monroe StoneCrow. Cindy has no intentions of following through. Her true plan is to work triple and quadruple shifts to help earn the money to pay off Cody’s debt. Hell, she’s even willing to go so far as to take up the offered employee housing on the Estate to save on rent and gas. She just needs to string her brother along long enough to keep him from doing something stupid until she can dig them out of debt. Problem? Of course there is. CEO and Dominant Walker, Monroe StoneCrow, receives information from his Sentry, RedKnife KillsPrettyEnemy, that convinces the CEO that Ms. Sambrano has ulterior motives at StoneCrow and could be working with the Walkers’ enemy faction, the Megalya. Too late, RedKnife realizes that he’s put Cindy’s life in jeopardy with his inadvertent misinformation. Knowing the CEO won’t back down, it’s up to RedKnife to steal Cindy from the Dominant Walker and hide her until he can prove two things: One, her innocence to Monroe, and two, he needs to show Cindy that she is his One.

My pack territory is in Central Montana, between Stone Crow Estates and the North Fortress. Born and raised in an untamed location that bridges the gap between rolling prairies and majestic mountain peaks, I am born to a family that also bridges the gap between cultures. My father's people boast a fiercely proud Scandinavian ancestry while my mother's tribes descend from two savagely beautiful and unique nations (White Clay and Nakoda) that inspire my Skin Walker series. I'm a huge fan of MMA, boxing, 30 Seconds to Mars, DMX, Nahko and Medicine for the People, and 21 Pilots ("...sometimes quiet is violent"). I also love to read because it encourages me to write. (I hate it when authors add that they love coffee and chocolate. Really? Who doesn't love coffee and chocolate?) Anyway, I love beer...kidding. I don't love beer, but we are engaged in a very serious relationship. (Mom, please don't call me when you read this.) Please leave feedback....well, only if it's positive. "Keep in mind that I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my sh*t! (Erykah Badu lyrics!) Author’s Website: Author’s Facebook: Author’s Instagram: Author’s Amazon: Author’s Goodreads: Author’s BookBub:

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