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Countdown to Christmas - #15

Trapped with Her Alien Mate: Holiday Starrs

Published to Amazon on November 9, 2020

Author Kate Rudolph

Last minute holiday shopping should be a breeze… That’s Jody’s thought as she walks into the store. Then she spots the hottest alien she’s ever seen. But any fantasy she might have is interrupted when the next guy walks in. He looks like Santa. Evil Santa. And he’s got evil toys to keep her and the other shoppers locked in the store so he can do evil things to them. Jody’s determined to get out, and hot alien, Aldyn, is determined to help her. And if they can defeat Evil Santa, she might just find a hot Detyen male in her life and under her tree.

Official published review:

Held up for Christmas

What a fast-exciting story! The author kept the danger and intensity high when evil Santa tries to high jack the holidays. I enjoyed the characters and the way they connected immediately and were able to work together to overcome every obstacle, as well as the way the author gave us glimpses into their emotions and thoughts. This book was entertaining and kept me enthralled until backup arrived and the HEA. This book was over way too soon, and I can only hope the author doesn’t make us wait too long for the next one.

5 stars


Kate Rudolph is a paranormal and science fiction romance author who lives in Indiana. She loves writing about kick butt heroines and the steamy heroes who love them. She's been devouring romance novels since she was too young to be reading them and had to hide her books so no one would take them away. She couldn't imagine a better job in this world than writing romances and sharing them with her fellow readers.

Author’s Website:

Starr Huntress is a coalition of the brightest Starrs in romance banding together to explore uncharted territories. If you like your men horny- maybe literally- and you're equal opportunity skin color- because who doesn't love a guy with blue or green skin?- then join us as we dive into swashbuckling space adventure, timeless romance, and lush alien landscapes. Sign up for the newsletter for giveaways, promotions and new release announcements:

Author’s Website:

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