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Book Birthday - Wolf Baited – Eliza Gayle

Wolf Baited

Published to Amazon on April 13, 2021

Author Eliza Gayle

Following a lead south to find a missing female shifter, Greer and Calder land in the middle of unfamiliar territory. Enigma, South Carolina to be exact. Everything there seems innocent enough until their questions begin to ruffle fur and their oddball waitress at the local diner has a meltdown. Leaving Greer covered in an order of chili cheese fries and obsessed with one curvy, but clearly unstable woman. Lily Hale fled to the small southern town to get as far away from her bleak, Alaskan backwoods family as she could. All she wants is a little color in her life and a taste of freedom. Getting involved with a wolf shifter seems like the last thing she should do. Except she kissed him and now he won’t go away. She also can’t shake the feeling her life is about to implode. Is Greer the kind of man who’d stand up to her family of savage werebears and protect her? Of maybe she can become the woman who stands on her own.

Official published review:

Free from stress

What an amazing follow up to Dragon Mated! I love how Greer can see his mate past her anxieties, and brings her peace and safety. They are the perfect couple and compliment each other so well. The author did what she does best with this book, and just made it a seamless extension of the world she has created. I enjoyed getting to see more of my favorites, and getting a little glimpse of what is going on with the clan. I can’t wait to see what happens next with both clans. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

5 stars


Eliza Gayle is the NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of over 25 paranormal romance books. (She also writes contemporary romance under E.M. Gayle) She lives on a small island in the Pacific Northwest and spends her days writing romance, wandering the beach, kayaking or trying to remodel something. (She blames the latter on Pinterest.) Before her writing career began, she served in the Marine Corps and lived a crazy life of adventure. Then she read her first erotic romance novel and everything changed. So after years of thinking about writing she finally grabbed her laptop and wrote. To sign up for Eliza's VIP newsletter go to:

Author’s Website:

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