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Book Birthday – Sweeter Than Honey – Liz Paffel

Sweeter Than Honey (Estes Park Shifters Book 2)

Published to Amazon on January 3, 2022

Author Liz Paffel

She’s on the run. He’s her reluctant protector. Will there be a second chance for the alpha bear shifter mountain man? Or will he lose it all… again?

One minute Cara Neal is celebrating her win as Kansas City’s Entrepreneur of the Year by maybe drinking too much and finding the wrong guy… the next, she’s carrying a secret and every male bear shifter in three states is after her. She’s on the run, forced to leave her thriving jewelry business behind for the wild Colorado mountains.

She has no choice but to accept help from the alpha mountain man grizzly shifter who offers protection, free of charge. He’s sexy. Tormented. Maybe a little gruff. But any man who sings to his hives of honeybees can’t be that intimidating, right?

Until he turns those dark, hungry eyes on her, and Cara knows she’s going to have to repay his kindness. And… probably not with one of her award-winning necklaces.

Jett Mitchell had a family once. They’re gone, and so is his tolerance for anyone outside his mountain. He’s content living alone on his organic farm, raising honeybees. When the sexy little human shows up with her surprise baby bump, his protective instincts go into overdrive. He should turn her away. He shouldn’t want to keep her safely tucked away in his mountain home. Or watch her belly grow. Or long for things he can never have again. Bear shifters don’t get a second chance fated mate. He can’t keep her…

But he’ll be her bear shifter protector until it’s time to let her go.

And heaven help any other male who gets in his way.

Official published review:

Well worth the wait

What a fantastic second story in the series! The author brought the action and danger right from the beginning and kept the intensity high throughout the book. Love that dramatic rescue! I love that both characters were dealing with heavy emotions that slowly evolved the longer they were together. Hello happy ending! This was a fantastic second chance romance and I can’t wait to see what comes out of Estes Park next.

5 stars


I'm a multi-published author in contemporary romance with a deep love of all things Sci-Fi and paranormal. Crossing over into these genres has made my author career complete! I enjoy writing about the "what ifs" and possibilities science might bring in the future. Like, dishwashers that load themselves!

I reside in the deep midwest where we often have all four seasons in the same day. Winters are long and pristine, and summers are short. In between writing, I camp and hike as often as possible-- that's often where new stories are born!

Author’s Website:

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