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Book Birthday – Stolen – Milana Jacks

Stolen (Tribes book 2)

Published to Amazon on April 10, 2021

Author Milana Jacks

No male in the tribal lands would stoop so low as to steal a prize instead of winning her fair and square. Nar There’s a reason I’m standing knee-deep in mud, my body pelted with rain that annoys me to the bone. I'm hating on the rival tribe, and I’m entering their games only to eliminate their Earl. I'm not here for the prize. The moment I spot the female—who’s shivering, miserable, but still managing to spit at her captors—I forget I'm not competing for her. My heart thumps in my ears, and the hunter steers. I wanna win her. Michelle Once upon a recent time, I traveled on a ship bound for a sun-and-sea vacation planet. Until it crashed, and the natives captured and threw me in a hole—then dragged me in front of a couple hundred warriors who’re here competing for breeding rights. I hate them all. Except for the one who seems not quite like the others. Oh, he’s pretty much like them, but some instinct within me tells me if I stop throwing my inner pity party and do as I’m told, I just might survive… Nar Ask me how I feel about stealing the prize now. Inside the pages: world building, tribal legends, action, plot, revisit of couple from book 1, strong tribal friendship bonds, sassy smart heroine, and humor all tightly packed into pages to deliver sci-fi and fantasy romance with an authentic alien Alpha voice. Flirt with the edge wrapped in cozy comfort of warm furs and firelight today.

My name is Milana, and my mission is to entertain you. I write for the reader looking for romance with fast paced, sexy, funny, genre-bending dark world, where really blunt, jealous, and possessive Alphas meet heroines that can handle their charming personalities. Making you squirm, laugh, and flip the pages filled with action while fulfilling your need for a #different, often dystopian futuristic romance world with funny, sexy, blunt, and possessive monsters, drives me. The romance in my pages is safe from cheating, other women drama, and I deliver HEA every time. Let me entertain you!

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