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Book Birthday – Shadowed Moon – S.E. Welsh

Shadowed Moon (From the Shadows Book 1)

Published to Amazon on June 7, 2021

Author S.E. Welsh

Leaving home is never easy but for single mum Tabitha, Carnarben is no longer a safe haven. Plagued by memories and smothered by well-meaning meddlers, the witch knows it’s time to start afresh—and where could be safer than Echo, home of the largest werewolf pack in Australia and its sexy Alpha? But a blown secret and a shadow from her past threaten to ruin her new beginning. A HOT alpha. A badass witch. Scorching love scenes. Guaranteed HEA. No cheating. Novella Length Formerly published in Warlords, Witches and Wolves: A Fantasy Realms Anthology.

S.E. Welsh is an Australian author who, when she's not juggling her two full time jobs of teacher and mother, writes about heroes, history and heart. She loves to turn up the heat in her stories even though, writing in the tropical north of Australia, she should be avoiding anything that creates more sweat. But that's what she loves--and hopes you do too!

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