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Book Birthday – Second Comes Fate – Michelle Ziegler

Second Comes Fate: Fated Mates Wolf Shifter Romance (Howling For Her Book 2)

Published to Amazon on May 27, 2021

Author Michelle Ziegler

Fate might have PMS and she's taking it out on me. I finally found my place, my mates, my pack, and I still can't believe my luck. Except that my luck is running out. If I understood my past, I might be able to lead the wolves into the future. Only my mom took that from me. The power of the pack revolves around me and someone else knows this too. It seems I'm just in time to see the unrest in the wolf shifter world growing. Rogues are attacking pack lands and I have a front row seat. My mates swear to protect me, but what if I'm not the one that needs to be protected? The secrets of my past just keep unraveling.

Official published review:

Not what she was expecting

This book was high energy, intrigue, betrayal and danger making for a fantastic afternoon read. I love how the author picked up right at the end of the first book like no time had passed at all. I am still loving the characters and the way they are with each other and the way each day brings them closer as a family. I enjoyed the way the author kept the story moving, especially that little twist I never saw coming. This was a wonderful addition to the series and I can’t wait to see what happens in book three.

5 stars


Michelle Ziegler's story are an escape from the everyday. If you enjoy sassy heroines and the strong men who put up with them, dive in! She might be a little - or a lot of sass as well, because life is too short to be serious. She grew up in Chicago and later moved to Colorado. She now raises chickens, children, dogs, and a husband. If you enjoy stories about chickens, you won't find much in her books, but she does share them on social media. You are likely too see more chicken pictures than kid pictures ... don't tell the kids. You can find her buried in a book or escaping into her own writing these days!

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