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Book Birthday – Getting Gold – Xavier Neal

Getting Gold (The Draak Legacy Book 2)

Published to Amazon on February 24, 2022

Author Xavier Neal

From best-selling author Xavier Neal comes the next book in the page-turning, laugh-out-loud, paranormal romance series you don't want to miss... Fate hates me. How else would you explain getting fired, kidnapped, and nearly killed by elves - which shouldn't even exist - in less than twelve hours? And the apology this magical force gives me for constantly ruining my life? Mating me to an ancient dragon. An ancient dragon whose suave ways have me constantly torn between wanting to kiss him and kick him right where the scales don't shine. And to top it all off - because clearly that wasn't enough - we have to rescue some poor kidnapped flamingo like we're reenacting a James Bond movie. FFS. Any chance this is all some low-budget horror movie I don't remember being cast for? No? Well, all things considered, it'd be dumb not to at least ask.

Official published review:

Hit one out of the park

The vegetable munching bad boy, er dragon, takes center stage in this next installment to the series. And it is every bit as good as the first! I love the sassy, snarky lady that steals his heart and styles his hair. She is fun, with those fantastic verbal zingers, and family is the most important thing in her world. The author found the perfect mate for him because she will fight by his side and make him work for his HEA. I love that the plot thickens with the shifter stealers, and how the family dynamic continues to change. This was a fantastic story and I just know it’s going to be a favorite reread. I’m not sure how the author is planning on topping this one, but I can’t wait to read it!

5 stars


Xavier Neal is a best-selling romance author who enjoys hopping from sub genre to sub-genre like a game of Hopscotch she can't resist.

In between writing, she loves to read (everything from romance to self improvement books), watch movies (old and new), eat too much Tex-Mex (her Chuy's t-shirt collection is out of control), and watch AHL hockey games LIVE (preferably against the glass whenever possible).

She currently resides happily in Texas with her bearded husband "Lumberjack”.

Author’s Website:

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