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Book Birthday – Fae Warrior – Lola Gabriel

Fae Warrior (Ash Forest Shifters book 2)

Published to Amazon on May 20, 2021

Author Lola Gabriel

A prophecy threatens to destroy us all. Clyde My birthright dictates that I am the ruler. But, my father made promises that I don’t intend to keep. My escape to Ash Forest wasn’t meant to be permanent. However, I soon discover that I cannot hide from my past…or the destiny awaiting me in the woods. Beatrix Clyde’s arrival has disrupted my quiet and predictable life. He’s arrogant, loud, full of himself…and he has the most amazing body I’ve ever seen. Now, I’m in the midst of a strange and dangerous prophecy. Not only does the prophecy threaten my life, but also the lives of everyone I love. The only way to solve the mystery that surrounds us is to work together with Clyde. I just hope he can get down off his high horse for long enough to save those around us. 18+ only

Lola Gabriel loves reading and writing paranormal romances. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she has fond memories of retreating to the woods for long hikes. The towering evergreens, natural waterfalls, and soothing rain often set the scenery for her characters’ romantic encounters.

*Lola Gabriel was created by a group of friends who all write under the nom de plume. For the sake of simplicity, we use “she” and “I” for Lola’s communication.

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