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Book Birthday – Eternal Youth – K.G. Inglis

Eternal Youth: An Eternal Novel

Published to Amazon on April 6, 2021

Author K.G. Inglis

Book 7 – The Eternal Series

Sometimes destiny is stronger than the obstacles standing in your way

Philippe had been a 13 year old vampire for more than 150 years. Now he finds himself with an adult body complete with adult hormones, and no clue how to handle it all. And, becoming an overnight chick magnet has complicated things with Nadia, the only woman he has ever loved…secretly. The problem is he’s stuck in her friend zone, especially since her own recent changes are wreaking havoc on her life?

Nadia is just your average girl, who just happens to be a druid…with almost no magical abilities. And, her love life up until now has consisted of missteps and train wrecks. Oh, and she’s now an Ei'Ambriath, which basically means she can see auras…and nothing else because, well, she’s also blind. It’s a pretty underwhelming combination, right?

Figuring out how to manage their changes in a world ever present with supernatural dangers while navigating the boundaries of their relationship is tough enough, but adding to this turbulent mix is the looming shadow of Philippe’s murderous and traitorous brother, Nicholas.

Nicholas has already left a trail of bodies in his wake and now has Nadia set firmly in his sights. With the clock ticking and time running out, Philippe must find a way to save Nadia, and hopefully win her heart in the process. Tick, tick, tick!

Hi, I'm Kerryn, the author of the Eternal series. Native to Australia, I live in a beach town on the Southern Coast which many call a holiday destination. When I'm not writing about the sexy vampires and alpha lycans and dragons, I can be found reading about them and spending time with my family. But, like any respectable part-time superhero, I work a regular job five days a week and save the world on weekends writing one panty melting story at a time.

After good success with my books on online book sites it was time to take the next step. Although new to the publishing world I hope to make a big impact with my unique and entertaining books. If you like your men hot and the action steamy, mixed with a heavy dose of humour then the Eternal series will find a space in your 'must read again' collection.

Author’s Website:

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