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Book Birthday – Bear Protector – Lola Gabriel

Bear Protector (Ash Forest Shifters book 1)

Published to Amazon on May 20, 2021

Author Lola Gabriel

After escaping a desperate situation, I have to trust a man who has dark secrets of his own. Fiona I’ve been locked up for almost ten years. After many failed attempts, I narrowly escape my stepmother’s clutches. My freedom comes at a price, though—I’m alone, and I have no idea who I am. When I meet Gabriel, I think I have found my savior. It doesn’t hurt that Gabriel is hot as hell… But, he’s involved in a world I don’t understand. I don’t know who to trust. Gabriel I’m a lone bear shifter and a park ranger in Ash Forest. I love my job and the isolation it brings. Humans can’t be trusted, and that’s why I stay as far away from them as I can. However, when I come across Fiona, I can’t help myself. But, my primal pull toward her only leads to trouble. We have to discover who she is and why her past has been wiped clean. I just hope we can find the truth before the dark forces destroy us all. 18+ only

Lola Gabriel loves reading and writing paranormal romances. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she has fond memories of retreating to the woods for long hikes. The towering evergreens, natural waterfalls, and soothing rain often set the scenery for her characters’ romantic encounters.

*Lola Gabriel was created by a group of friends who all write under the nom de plume. For the sake of simplicity, we use “she” and “I” for Lola’s communication.

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