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Book Birthday – Alien Found – Julie K. Cohen

Alien Found: Sci Fi Mail Order Bride Bossy Alien Romance (Zyanthan Warriors book 2)

Published to Amazon on April 15, 2021

Author Julie K. Cohen

Escape Earth. AVOID finding an alien husband. #EpicFail.

Ruby At some point a girl has to stop running. Escaping Earth via signing up to be a mail-order bride sounded smart. Escaping the alien husband she’d been matched to… even smarter. Stowing away on an alien ship expecting to find some little out of the way planet where she could live in peace… That’s where the bottom fell out of her life, a thousand miles above an alien planet. The owner of that vessel? Some blue, over-muscled, arrogant male who may have criminal ties to the Brotherhood.

Ruby would be happy to jump ship once they reach a port. The problem? The zyanthan thinks he owns everything on his ship, including her. He can think whatever he wants. Ruby has plans, and they don’t include Torin.

Torin The human female thinks she can outwit Torin, use him and his ship to escape whatever she’s running from. He’ll play her games, but only for so long. The men in the criminal organization he’s dealing with are dangerous, and Ruby’s curiosity and stubbornness could get him and his entire crew killed. Torin hates lying to Ruby, but telling her the truth will endanger her, his crew, and his mission. The more he tries to pull away from her, the more she stirs both of his c*cks. She’s driving him crazy.

While he’d love to dump her on some planet, the best way to keep her safe might be to marry her, but that doesn’t fit into his plans. But it would be kind of fun, especially since she can’t stand him.


A Warrior For Every Bride

Alien Found is a steamy Mail Order Bride Romance with a Bossy Alien, Stuck Together, Enemies to Lovers trope and a few twists along the way. Each book in the series ends in a very Happy Ever After.

Trigger Warning: There is mention of past physical and emotional abuse.

Julie K. Cohen lives in Pennsylvania, USA with her husband, two sons, one daughter, and one very loud German Shepherd. When she's not writing Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance novels, she bakes, solves puzzles, travels, gardens, walks her dog, and reads. She enjoys humor in all forms, but especially parody and puns. Her family hates watching movies with her because she usually figures out the 'bad guy' and plot early in the movie. That said, she always appreciates a good twist! Julie loves developing intricate plots and smart, 'flawed' characters who don't let anyone or anything stand in the way of protecting the ones they love.

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