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Wordy Wednesday – Taken by the Stone Wolves – Mina Carter

Taken by the Stone Wolves (Shadow Cities Shifters Book 1)

Published to Amazon on April 7, 2022

Author Mina Carter

She’d been warned to stay away from the manor on the hill. Now she must pay the price…

Nat was warned about the wolves that protected their village... warned that women who caught their eye were known to go missing.

Did she listen? Hell no. Why should she listen to old wives' tales when no one had seen the Langdon Wolves, the last of their line, for years? They were probably dead by now, and even if they weren't she wasn't a werewolf. Not really. There hadn’t been a shifter in her family for years.

But wolves are long-lived, particularly the Stone-Wolf Langdon alphas. Then she steps onto Langdon land…

Stone during the day, men by night… They need one special woman to set them free.

Bound by a curse centuries ago, the Langdon wolves are stone by day and men by night. To free them, they need one special woman. A female ready to love them both, body and soul. Now, after long years, they’ve found their Lady, but can they convince her to stay?

But will their happiness be shattered before it really begins, or is Nat wolf enough to stand down a witch’s curse? NB: Please be aware this title has previously been released under a different title, and has been not been revised or expanded significantly.

Official published review:

Between the wolves

This book is short and sweet, and I was completely captivated by the curse and how it unfolds. These three have perfect chemistry and a connection that was meant to be. The author did a fantastic job of fleshing out the story and making it seem longer than the number of it’s pages. This book is a fantastic read to pass the time and I can’t wait to read book two.

5 stars


Mina was born and raised in the East Farthing of Middle Earth (otherwise known as the Midlands, England) and spend her childhood learning all the sorts of things generally required of a professional adventurer. Able to ride, box, shoot, make and read maps, make chainmail and use a broadsword (with varying degrees of efficiency) she was disgusted to find that adventuring is not considered a suitable occupation these days. So, instead of slaying dragons and hunting vampires and the like, Mina spends her days writing about hot shifters, government conspiracies and vampire lords with more than their fair share of RAWR. Turns out wanna-be adventurers have quite the turn of imagination after all... (But she keeps that sword sharp, just in case the writing career is just a dream and she really *is* an adventurer.) The boring part: A full time author, photographer and cover artist, Mina can usually be found hunched over a keyboard or graphics tablet, frantically trying to get the images and words in her head out and onto the screen before they drive her mad. She's addicted to coffee and would like to be addicted to chocolate, but unfortunately chocolate dislikes her. Author’s Website: Author’s Facebook: Author’s Instagram: Author’s Amazon: Author’s Goodreads: Author’s BookBub:

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