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Sydney’s Stars – Grizzly Mate – Ariana Hawkes

Grizzly Mate: Bear Shifter Romance (MateMatch Outcasts book 1)

Published to Amazon on September 15, 2019

Author Ariana Hawkes

A super exciting, funny, thrilling, suspenseful and steamy shifter romance series. The characters jump right off the page! Savannah Olson is looking to start over, after a drunk driver crashed into her life, destroying her pregnancy, her relationship and her ability to have children. Her luck seems to be finally changing when mail-order bride service, MateMatch, delivers a match. But she didn’t count on being sent to an isolated ghost town, inhabited by feral shifters too broken to live in society. Not only that, but the big unfriendly bear she’s been matched with knows nothing about her, and has no interest in finding a mate. Garrett Sanders lives a life of guilt and self-recrimination, barely able to control his bear. All he wants is to hide away in Ragtown and raise his three orphaned charges in peace—well, as much peace as he can get in Ragtown, anyway. When a cute, curvy human arrives in town insisting she’s his mate, his bear gets all riled up and unstable. Letting her stay in his house seems like madness, but for some reason, his protective instincts go into overdrive around her. Tough, caring and sexy as hell, Savannah is the most perfect mate Garrett could imagine, but he can’t let go of his conviction that he’s not right for anyone. And when tensions heat up in Ragtown, a side of him emerges that he never wanted to see again. Can Savannah help him to forgive himself, before his past ruins everything? Promised: romance, heat and sexy shifters. HEA and no cheating, of course!

Official published review:

Two broken people meant for greatness

This book is match making at its best! The author added a layer of unexpected mystery to a normal match making keeping me on my toes as the characters tried to navigate the unexpected. I love the town and its quirky characters! Each one has their own set of pain, but they still manage to make life work for them. The story is entertaining and I enjoyed the drama that ensued on the way to the HEA. This was a fantastic read and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

5 stars


USA Today bestselling author Ariana Hawkes writes spicy romantic stories with lovable characters, plenty of suspense, and a whole lot of laughs. She told her first story at the age of four, and has been writing ever since, for both work and pleasure. A horse-lover, an ex-financial writer, a former competitive runner, and a Minoan civilization aficionado, she graduated in English and Latin Literature from Oxford University and nowadays lives in Massachusetts with her man and two huskies.

Author’s Website:

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