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Kindles in the Wild – His Human Nanny – Michele Mills – May 11, 2022 - Presque Isle Leo’s Landing

I feel like I am kind of on a roll with working on my blog today, but I hate to jinx myself. Too late! I probably already have, but while the momentum lasts, here is another adventure from the same day. It is actually just down the drive from beach 10 and still on Presque Isle. We noticed it as we were driving by to head to beach 10 and just had to stop for a quick look. The parking area is a little bit of a walk from the landing, but it is flat and scenic so not too bad.

What drew our attention was the fact that we saw the decking, but once we actually stepped foot on the planks, we saw all of the intricate details hidden within the wood. Whoever built this put a lot of time and effort into the project, and it leads right up to a picturesque view that we were reluctant to leave. But you know, pizza was calling.

On this little jaunt I switched lanes from PNR to SciFi Romance, and oddly enough it is actually the start of the series. But it was the last book that I read from the series. I know! I know! I really need to get out of the habit of just reading whatever book looks intriguing, but I would miss out on so much if I did that. After reading the other books in the series, this one did not disappoint. I loved the characters, and I enjoyed getting to see where it all started. This series has made me a permanent fan of this author and I can’t wait to see what she thinks up next.

Happy Reading


Presque Isle State Park Leo’s Landing

301 Peninsula Dr

Erie, PA 16505

His Human Nanny (Monsters Love Curvy Girls Book 1)

Published to Amazon on May 9, 2020

Author Michele Mills

My indentured servitude is almost over and freedom is a heartbeat away! Until some alien guy buys me because he needs a nanny, quick. What? I’m not even good with kids. I’ve never changed a diaper in my life. But the beings at the employment agency won’t listen. “Hew-mans are hot right now. Everyone wants a hew-man nanny.” Great. And since there isn’t another human available…I’m hired on the spot. Yay, me. And on day one of my new job I’m having a panic attack because I finally meet my new boss and he looks like Satan himself. No lie. Black horns, red skin and glinting silver-tipped claws. He even has a barbed tail, a forked tongue, and he breathes fire. This guy is terrifying, and his children look exactly like him. *heart palpitations* *hyperventilating* And yet, as I’m caring for these strangely adorable infants and gazing longingly at my crazy-rich boss as he cradles his twin babies in his huge, muscular arms…my traitorous heart goes pitter-patter and my body heats up like lava. Oh no. And I begin to wonder—have I sold my soul to the devil?

Official published review:

Daddy dearest

As per the course, I completely read this series out of order and am just now getting to see how it all started. I absolutely loved getting to see these two characters as they developed into the strong couple in the rest of the series! The author did a fantastic job of developing their relationship and personalities and I love that the family closeness began with book one. The storyline is amazing and I enjoyed how the truth certainly set them free. This book is a wonderful weekend read, and a perfect launching pad if you are looking to fall down the series rabbit hole.

5 stars


Michele Mills lives in California and leads a life of quiet, G rated desperation with her husband and two sons. In an attempt at a fulfilling, R rated inner life that does not include Disney movies and Nickelodeon; Michele reads and writes filthy romance and, well...filthy romance. And she wouldn't have it any other way.

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