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Kindles in the Wild – Florida here we come! – June 5, 2021

And we are on our way! Of course, some of us are not as happy about the 5am take off time as others are. Our mission today is a 15-hour 15-minute drive from Maryland to Vero Beach Florida. Sorry, no books today. It might be a little hazardous to us and the other drivers on the road if I were to indulge while passing through so many states.

We stopped in so many states along the way and can I just say how much I love my little rouge. Only 3 of those stops were for gas! We felt the love in Virginia, found a little library at a Starbucks and were welcomed into North Carolina with bright sunny days. And what better thing to have great us in Florida then our own house for the week with a bright blue pool. Sigh! Oh, and look! Our hosts left us some free books for our reading pleasure. I may not want to leave after this is all said and done.

Keep an eye out as we go about our travels and see what books come along for the ride as we make the most of the sun and sand.

Happy Reading


Casa de Escape Tropical

Vero Beach, Florida

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