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Cover Reveal – War King’s Captive – Lacey Thorn

Title: War King’s Captive

Author: Lacey Thorn

Series: War Kings

Release Date: February 22, 2022

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War King Theo Montrose isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s a warrior first. One who’s unafraid to seize what he wants. Taking the dark-haired beauty captive was supposed to be about revenge. With every mile they travel he accepts the fact he’ll never give her back. She belongs to him now, and no matter what it takes, he’ll possess her…body, heart, and soul.

Author Bio:

Lacey is a hyper blonde, bouncing through life with her magical bracelets of positivity. A die hard gamer (she refuses to call it an addiction), she resides in Oklahoma, mom to three awesome children, one demanding dog, and a crazy cat. She has a passion for life and tends to leap long before she checks for safety exits. She writes possessive, alpha heroes who demand everything from the women they love. Her stories reflect her strong family ties, friendships that showcase how some family consists of those we choose, and a goofy sense of humor that helps keep her laughing through all life's ups and downs.

She loves to chat with anyone and often does to the annoyance of her children who are always in a hurry. If you want to talk books, television, movies, actors, World of Warcraft, prepping for the zombie apocalypse, or music (she loves music!), drop her a line at

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