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Countdown to Christmas - #4

The Alien's Winter Gift (A Winter Starr Book 1)

Published to Amazon on November 12, 2018

Author Starr Huntress & Kate Rudolph

Molly Janson is busy planning the winter party on Honora Station, but when she meets Tav, a sexy Detyen ship captain, sparks fly and all of her plans are thrown off balance. They'll have to work together to make winter on Honora Station a reality, even as someone on the ship seems determined to ruin the new holiday.

Official published review:

Nothing was stirring

The perfect way to bring a little fun and adventure into your holiday! The author took party planning to a whole new level with this story. I love the way the planner really took the challenges head on as she sought to bring happiness to an out of the way station. And the author didn’t disappoint with the soul mate connection. I mean, what more could you ask for during the holidays? This book is a quick, fantastic read that was just right to get me in the mood for Christmas!

5 stars


Starr Huntress is a coalition of the brightest Starrs in romance banding together to explore uncharted territories. If you like your men horny- maybe literally- and you're equal opportunity skin color- because who doesn't love a guy with blue or green skin?- then join us as we dive into swashbuckling space adventure, timeless romance, and lush alien landscapes. Sign up for the newsletter for giveaways, promotions and new release announcements:

Author’s Website:

Author’s Website:

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