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Book Birthday – The Very Grumpy Boys Next Door – Chloe Kent

The Very Grumpy Boys Next Door (Love Next Door Book 3)

Published to Amazon on July 1, 2021

Author Chloe Kent

Perfectionist, Tessa Newbury lives in a sleepy little town called Mayhem Falls, where everyone knows everyone else’s business and she’s never not planning the next town hall dance or best pie competition by the river. When the empty house next door to her is purchased by a trio of rather fascinating though grumpy men who instead flex their tattoos at her when she offers them her favorite lemon cake and her sweetest smile, she refuses to be perturbed and vows to win them over. That is until she’s secretly approached to spy on her new neighbors who actually belong to a very scary and infamous Bratva unit. Of course, she soon realizes no one snoops on the Bratva without dire heart-stopping, body-heating consequences.

Official published review:

The perfect welcome home gift

An arranged life would make anyone grumpy, but especially the kings of their own world. This book is another fantastic addition to the series! I love how real the characters seem, even down to the waffling love life of the welcome committees best friend. The story fit perfectly with the previous books and I love the subtle tie ins. The author managed to increase the heat, if that’s even possible, and still maintain the intensity and flow of the storyline. This book was a fantastic read for a sunny afternoon and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

5 stars


Chloe Kent has been hooked on romance for as long as she could remember. And now she gets to write them too. Her books always feature a fiery heroine who has no idea what she’s been waiting for until she meets the powerful and dominant hero… or heroes because sometimes it takes more than one. Her favorite things to do are reading and consuming chocolate.

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