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Book Birthday – Queen For An Alien Bodyguard – Roxie Ray

Queen For An Alien Bodyguard: A SciFi Alien Romance (Intergalactic Exchange Program book 7)

Published to Amazon on May 8, 2021

Author Roxie Ray

Can my fated mate save me from an malevolent sorcerer? King Varoz is evil. I'm his victim and his queen. I'd do anything to see him fall. When Zandro appears, I have hope for the first time in years. He's nothing like the cruel king, and my body reacts with a desire I barely understand. We're trapped together, pawns in the king's vicious game. But if Zandro and I work together, we can topple the king and free Tracarox from his tyranny. If he's truly the man and mate my heart knows him to be, we're being given an impossible chance at happiness. I've been hurt so much before. Can I trust Zandro with my power and my heart?

Roxie Ray is a group of writer friends who love to write Sci Fi Alien Romance and Paranormal Romance. They love to talk, read and write this lovely genre. They hope you love their books and strive to make sure you have a steamy, wonderful experience!

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